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Football Clubs near me?

Hello and how you all doing? Good summer yes? The weather wasn’t great was it, the sun seemed to disappear just after the kids broke up. Anyway, we as a family made the most of it and got away on a few occasion, no big holiday this year though as we just couldn’t afford it so we made do with a few camping/beach breaks. Kids loved it so that’s all the matters.

Holidays over then, kids back to school and football training and those early morning as begun once more for those parents out there that have had kids doing it for a while. Surprisingly I’ve heard a lot of parents asking in the last few weeks “do you know any football clubs near me that my son/daughter can join?”. Which is great, the more kids playing football and of course sport the better, I was just surprised as most of these parents have seven or eight year old children and we know most club allow kids to start at five.

It’s certainly not a criticism either, maybe their child has only just got into football and only now are they looking. My surprise was that they didn’t actually know of any of the clubs in the area, surely they or their children must have friends who’ve mentioned it.

Either way, I informed them all of the various clubs that I know in our area and just across in neighbouring towns so that they had all the options. That way the can try to find a club, hopefully without a waiting list, that their child will be happy at. That is the most important thing for any new child going into a new sport/club environment. The kid has to look forward to going each week because if they’re not and they forced it could stop them ever joining any other clubs in the future.

Right, must dash, few things to do this afternoon before the school pick up, swimming and then the first Thursday training session of the new season. My next blog will be on our how new season is going so far and how those cold mornings will be coming again very soon.


Updated: October 25, 2017 — 9:57 am

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