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Easter Training and Futsal

Hello and how is everyone out there? It’s Easter this weekend but do you have football training or not? I’ve heard many clubs in our area and not bothering and the coaches have taken time off. That is absolutely fine and in some ways very good, give the kids a break and of course us parents.

However, my lad is due to go to his coaching and why not. The coaches did it brilliantly and e-mailed myself and all the other parents a week or so ago to check what our plans were for Easter Weekend. Whether we were away or if not, would we like the training session to go ahead.

They must have had enough replies as they have kindly agreed to put on a coaching session this Saturday. Brilliant and fair play to them that they’re willing to do that as just like every weekend, they don’t have to do it. Even more so in recent weeks as they have just started mid-week training as well, so it’s not as if the kids haven’t played any football recently. As usual though, I’m just looking forward to a nice sunny, but fresh Easter Saturday morning.

As for Futsal I mentioned, my husband did a course on this last Sunday and he will be reporting on this when he gets chance on how it went. Do you know what futsal is? Do your kids know what futsal is? I don’t, so please tune in next time as he advises what you need to know? Happy Easter!


Updated: September 7, 2017 — 11:41 am

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