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Saturday Morning was Rubbish

I’ve been watching my young lad play and train on Saturday mornings for over a year or so now but I still only know a few of the other parents to say hello too.

This is the youngest age group so as of yet there are no official matches or games being played as yet. Therefore all the parents, including me, are quite quiet and peacefully watching their son or daughter (all be it a small amount) train and play.

Football field

I’m sure once their child starts playing and competing in matches the true identity and character of them will come out. What I have noticed already though, which is not a good example to set. Is the amount of empty bottles, cans of coke, but mainly the empty tea and coffee cups that are left on the floor at the end of the Saturday morning session.

The odd water bottle, fine, that could be mistakenly left by both an adult or child or even a coach. However, numerous plastic tea and coffee cups just discarded on the floor or even worse, shoved in the hedge to me is appalling. Football bins

Surely it’s just basic manners, what example is that setting their children? What makes it even worse is that on the way out there are a couple of bins next to the club house, which you have to walk past on the way to the car park or main road.

I myself was one of the last to leave the other week (even with the torrential downpour of rain) as my lad and left his hat behind so went back to get it. As we left, (maybe I should of helped thinking about it now) the last voluntary coach to leave was there collecting all the rubbish that had been left.

Fair play to him, he doesn’t have to do the coaching let alone collect rubbish at the end but he does. Parents, let’s be respective and set examples for our children please.


Updated: September 7, 2017 — 11:41 am

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