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The cost of kitting up!

The football season has now drawn to a close – maybe in your household this signals the starts of the cricket season or a dusting down of the tennis rackets and rounders bats? For me, it signals an end to what has been a truly blizzardous, freezing cold and wet eight months of standing on the sideline!

To be honest my memory doesn’t serve me well in regards to happenings on the pitch – but off the pitch, my bank balance remembers all too well the happenings of the season and is in need of some seriously good physio this summer if it’s to ever recover!

So, I’ve looked at how much it actually costs to kit our children out for the football season! From water bottles to shin pads, tracksuits to boots it’s all in there – read it and weep my friends!! Hey I’m sure they’ll pay us back when they’re on £150k a week!


By Laura Dutton


Updated: April 14, 2017 — 11:43 pm

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