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Find what they love

The best way of keeping your children committed to doing exercise is to find what they love. Unfortunately, though, life isn’t that simple. Children of younger years, in particular, don’t quite yet know where their instincts are going to take them – and their peer group is everything. But the benefits of doing exercise from […]

Team Sports Can Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

Your child’s level of self-esteem is so important to their success and happiness throughout life. A positive self-esteem is key to a psychological wellbeing. Children who have a positive self-esteem are better able to cope with winning and losing both in sports and in life in general. Often our children feel negatively about themselves for […]

Safeguarding – Play Your Part

Hello and how are we all doing? It’s getting cold now isn’t it as “Winter is coming” – which I believe is what they say in that Game of Thrones TV show, not that I’ve seen it myself. My husband has attempted to watch it a few times, so he can be up-to-date and chat with […]

The problem with PE!

What are your memories of school PE lessons? I remember mine well – infact I think I’m still thawing out from years of standing on a frozen hockey pitch in sub zero temperatures! Despite my blog promoting health and fitness for children, I admit that PE wasn’t my favourite subject in school! Don’t get me […]

The cost of kitting up!

The football season has now drawn to a close – maybe in your household this signals the starts of the cricket season or a dusting down of the tennis rackets and rounders bats? For me, it signals an end to what has been a truly blizzardous, freezing cold and wet eight months of standing on […]

Schools back after the Summer

The summer holidays are nearly over then! It’s been a tiring but most enjoyable time with the boys over the holidays but is it bad to now want to get back into a routine of work and school runs. I honestly think the boys now need it, but I’m sure once I’m back in work […]

Kid’s football – the best of times

English football is thriving. You wouldn’t believe it with the national team’s performances at Euro 2016, but youth football is increasingly popular. There hasn’t been a better time to get your kids involved in the game and who knows, you may have the next English hero sitting in their bedroom, playing FIFA. Grassroots football has […]

National Fitness Day – 7th September 2016

Hello there, how are doing? Hope you’re still trying to keep fit and active yourself along with your children. Pretty difficult I know at the moment with all the rain we’ve had. I just can’t work it out, one minute I need my sunglasses and sun cream, the next my coat and umbrella. I had […]

Summer Tournaments

Yes we may be into the opening weekend of the Euro 2016 tournament from France, when all the big grown up kids like my husband get giddy and over excited about too much football being on television. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it. I appreciate these big tournaments, after all the Euros and […]

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