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Easter Training and Futsal

Hello and how is everyone out there? It’s Easter this weekend but do you have football training or not? I’ve heard many clubs in our area and not bothering and the coaches have taken time off. That is absolutely fine and in some ways very good, give the kids a break and of course us […]

Saturday Morning was Rubbish

I’ve been watching my young lad play and train on Saturday mornings for over a year or so now but I still only know a few of the other parents to say hello too. This is the youngest age group so as of yet there are no official matches or games being played as yet. […]

Don’t Forget To Let Your Kids Play

Nowadays free play time has been replaced by structured learning and the result is that children have more sensory issues and even emotional problems. Parents are worried about the success of their children as early as preschool. They make their kids go on activities for reading, give them music and dance lessons, organise play dates, […]

Take Part in Football

Search for your nearest kickabout centre here, by entering your postcode and selecting a distance. Then just click on a centre and book your place. Then all that’s left is for you to turn up and Just Play! Now is the perfect opportunity to get your boots back on and join us at one of […]

Find what they love

The best way of keeping your children committed to doing exercise is to find what they love. Unfortunately, though, life isn’t that simple. Children of younger years, in particular, don’t quite yet know where their instincts are going to take them – and their peer group is everything. But the benefits of doing exercise from […]

Team Sports Can Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem

Your child’s level of self-esteem is so important to their success and happiness throughout life. A positive self-esteem is key to a psychological wellbeing. Children who have a positive self-esteem are better able to cope with winning and losing both in sports and in life in general. Often our children feel negatively about themselves for […]

Safeguarding – Play Your Part

Hello and how are we all doing? It’s getting cold now isn’t it as “Winter is coming” – which I believe is what they say in that Game of Thrones TV show, not that I’ve seen it myself. My husband has attempted to watch it a few times, so he can be up-to-date and chat with […]

The problem with PE!

What are your memories of school PE lessons? I remember mine well – infact I think I’m still thawing out from years of standing on a frozen hockey pitch in sub zero temperatures! Despite my blog promoting health and fitness for children, I admit that PE wasn’t my favourite subject in school! Don’t get me […]

The cost of kitting up!

The football season has now drawn to a close – maybe in your household this signals the starts of the cricket season or a dusting down of the tennis rackets and rounders bats? For me, it signals an end to what has been a truly blizzardous, freezing cold and wet eight months of standing on […]

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